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  • Apparently, your webcam is being used or blocked by another application. To start your webcam, you must temporarily close that application.
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  • The video track is paused.
  • Cannot detect any active stream of media content.
  • Your webcam does not output any video tracks.
  • Your browser does not support features for accessing video tracks.
  • Video track not available due to technical issue.
  • Your webcam suddenly stopped transmitting video track.
  • For unknown reasons, the video track is disabled.
  • Click here to allow access to webcam identifiers
  • Click here to try forcibly start the camera
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  • Several web cameras were detected. To check if your camera is working properly, select it from the drop-down list below and press “Check my webcam”.
  • Good news! The webcam checker tool determined that your camera is working properly. Nevertheless, consider to run the online webcam test for additional technical information.
  • The name of your camera is detected as “{{name}}” and as the default resolution it uses {{resolution}}. The duration of video playback: {{duration}}s.
  • Bad news! It seems your camera is not working properly. However, this may be wrong, especially if you see yourself in the image below. For more accurate results run the online webcam test.

About the checker

The online webcam test is a good tool for testing the camera and finding out technical information about it. Of course, it allows you to find out whether camera works correctly, but it makes a lot of tests, and because of this it is a bit slow.

For those who just need to know if the camera is functional, I have developed a simple webcam checker. It is fast, simple, and free. This checker allows you to check webcam online to see if is working properly. This test provides only a few details about your camera (more exactly, the camera name and default resolution).

How to check my webcam?

  1. Select the desired webcam.
  2. Press the “Check my webcam” button.
  3. Grant access to your camera.
  4. Wait a few seconds to get the result.


If you like the Webcam Checker or have any ideas and questions, do not hesitate to leave comments. Please note that all comments are publicly available.


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    Great website to try my new camera!
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      Hello dear Manny! Thank you for your feedback.
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      1. Maya,
        its ok dude,i am 28 from Romania and my english is pretty bad too!
  5. Bobby G,,
    This was the perfect website to use for flossing when you don't have a mirror
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    So easy and quick to use! Thank you!!
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    I am hoping there is no hidden cameras on my phone
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    great to have the service to help with webcam. thank you
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    I have a macbook but my webcam isnt showing up
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    my video cam doesn t work :(
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      Sweet dreams :)
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    Just trying to get my camera to work, Test
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    dosnt allow you to see if mic is working
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  16. Rajesh Kamble,
    The great website for web cam testing.
  17. Sarahjane,
    Hi, i cant seem to get any answers as to why after detecting that i do have a cam, that it isnt able to work. Can you give me any advise please? It was working last time i used it a week or so ago. Thank you kindly, Sj.
    1. admin,
      Hello! Have you checked your webcam on this site a week ago and it worked, but now it does not work? If so, what error does it occur?
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    very nice and helpful tool... tnx admin!...
  25. Diago,
    Does this page detect integrated laptop webcams as well?
    1. admin,
      Hello! Yes, it detects integrated laptop webcams as well as smartphone and tablet cameras. By and large, this checker should detect any video capture device.
  26. Victoria,
    Thank you, This helped me prepare for an online class.
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    Online webcam checker is too good.
  31. Rajendra Nath Mehrotra,
    Only addition,I will request U 2 make Webcam visible so that I can click on Icon and start webcam once tests find Webcam working.I may require driver and/or hardware changes/installations but will help novice users like me a gr8 help.Thnx
    1. admin,
      Hello! Can you explain please your request or provide a step-by-step instruction?
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    1. admin,
      Hello! I'm sorry to hear that. So please tell me more about your negative experience so that I can improve the site.
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    Been trying to make my inbuilt webcam work with many different drivers, but no luck, even with some from your site. The test page says it detects my web-cam, but then says "Apparently, your webcam is being used or blocked by another application. To start your webcam, you must temporarily close that application." What's happening, why can't I make my cam work?
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    Webcam suddenly stopped working under Windows 10. Many others seem to have this problem, but no one has a solution that actually works.
  156. Larry,
    I found the problem! My anti-virus software (Kaspersky) was blocking the webcam. It took 1 minute to allow access, and the web cam was working perfectly. If the other methods listed don't work, check the privacy permissions on your anti-virus software
  157. ss,
    It is excellent tool
  158. Bill,
    I just installed a Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam on my HP Envy Win10 laptop. The frame rate is extremely slow at 2 FPS, yet the builtin webcam works fine at 30 FPS. Initially I thought my network connection was the culprit but ruled this out when the built-in webcam was fine. I updated the drivers to the latest using the Windows device manager but no better. BTW, when using the Logi Capture SW on my laptop, the video looks proper speed, but only when streaming over the network is it slow. I'm confused as to what could cause this, any advice appreciated.
    1. Bill,
      Another thought is the resolution may be causing a through-put issue. The C920 streams at Full HD 1920x1080 but the built-in cam is 1280x720. Perhaps yet another area is that the C920 compresses the video internally (h.264 I think) so could this be causing a compatibility issue somehow in the cpu?
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    This webcam site was extremely useful! Not only did it rate my Sandstrom full HD cam but also sorted out my microphone problem. In a Zoom conference, others couldn't hear me. I soon learned that you can't have a headphone mic and the USB webcam mic both on at once, so problem solved when I disconnected the headphone mic. Webcam tests also solved the mystery of why no driver CD in the packing (Sandstrom website's pdf manual says 'insert the CD'!) It works anyway!
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    Your app recognized my camera, Logitech C310, but when I clicked "Check my webcam" it produced the error "OverconstrainedErrornullnull; Object". The dropdown below that says videoinput#1. I ran this test a couple of times after refreshing the page. Your error handling code seems to be on the weak side. Regardless, any suggestions on what may be the problem? Thanks
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  275. Ashish Khanna,
    Someone please help me,,is my video visible to other people same as the way i can see here ?? or in reality it gets mirrored?? Plzz reply bro if u understood my question.
    1. Administrator,
      Hello Ashish! By and large, yes, in a video call your friends will see exactly as you see yourself on this page. Nevertheless, it all depends on the application you use to make calls and your camera settings.
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    Verushka Loomba9:16 AM Yes ma’am Shaurya Bhasin9:16 AM Ok You9:33 AM MA'AM KUNARKOM Shreenath Dubey9:34 AM . Preet Khosla9:35 AM Yes ma’am Dhruvi Gupta6A9:37 AM Ma'am. The most common mountain is Lonavala Shaurya Bhasin9:38 AM Ya Naisha Bahri9:39 AM Shaivee i guess you had gone to Ladakh Preet Khosla9:39 AM Can I say something ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL9:39 AM MAAM CAN I SAY SOMETHING MAAM I WANTED TO SAY SOMETHING Binaisha Baruah9:40 AM maam can i too say somrthing ? somethingg Preet Khosla9:40 AM Ma’am can I share something? Aakash dhirwani9:41 AM mam can i say something hridhaan shah9:44 AM mic problem ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL9:44 AM MAAM CAN I SAY SOMETHING Naisha Bahri9:45 AM Arshitaa have patience Shaurya Bhasin9:45 AM Bye ma Krisha Jobanputra9:45 AM Thank you maam Shaurya Bhasin9:45 AM Maam Kaavya Alex9:45 AM BYE MA'AM Tarini Jayashankar9:45 AM Good morning ma'am. Kaavya Alex9:45 AM Good morning ma'am Krisha Jobanputra9:45 AM Good morning ma'am Preet Khosla9:45 AM Good morning ma’am ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL9:46 AM GOOD MORNING MAAM Mahee Kotwani9:46 AM Good morning Ma'am Hitaarth Damani9:46 AM Good morning ma'am fiyoni dattani9:46 AM Good morning ma’am Binaisha Baruah9:46 AM Good morning maam :) You9:46 AM GOOOD MORNING MA'AM Verushka Loomba9:46 AM Good morning ma’am:) Prachi Pooj9:46 AM good morning maam Dhruvi Gupta6A9:46 AM Good morning ma'am Trisha Mhatre9:46 AM Good morning ma’am Naisha Bahri9:46 AM good morning maam Ekansh Agarwal9:46 AM GOOOD MORNING MA'AM Reet ridhan nandrajog9:46 AM Good morning maam ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL9:46 AM MAAM WE HAD TO SUBMIT THE CHEMISTRY HOMEWORK TODAY? ? Prachi Pooj9:48 AM yes maam Shaurya Bhasin9:54 AM Yes ma'am Aahaan Karia10:07 AM North and south Arin Kelkar10:08 AM North and south Shaurya Bhasin10:09 AM Yes ma'am Arin Kelkar10:12 AM Yes ma'am Verushka Loomba10:19 AM Yes ma’am Shaurya Bhasin10:20 AM Ya Preet Khosla10:21 AM Yes ma’am Hitaarth Damani10:23 AM Is gravitational force some sort of magnet or something ???? Binaisha Baruah10:24 AM thank you maam... Preet Khosla10:24 AM Ok ma’am Thank you ma’am... Binaisha Baruah10:25 AM okay maam ~ Preet Khosla10:25 AM Okay ma’am Binaisha Baruah10:26 AM okay maam Aahaan Karia10:26 AM Yes ma’am Binaisha Baruah10:28 AM cu yes maam because i am using my laptop dont know what problem is there its hanging Ekansh Agarwal10:29 AM Al Dhruvik N. Trivedi10:29 AM Al Hitaarth Damani10:29 AM It is 10:30 ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:30 AM thank you maam BYE MAAM Krisha Jobanputra10:30 AM Thank you maam. Trisha Mhatre10:30 AM Bye maam Thank u maam Prachi Pooj10:30 AM Thank you maam Aahaan Karia10:30 AM Bye ma’am Shaurya Bhasin10:30 AM Thanks maam Reet ridhan nandrajog10:30 AM Bye maam Kaavya Alex10:30 AM BYE MA'AM ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:30 AM THANK YOU MAAMFOR TEACING PHYSICS Shaurya Bhasin10:30 AM Bye maam Ya Preet Khosla10:30 AM Bye ma’am Thank you ma’am... Binaisha Baruah10:30 AM bye maam thankyou maam Reet ridhan nandrajog10:30 AM Thankyou maam Verushka Loomba10:30 AM Thank you ma’am … :) Binaisha Baruah10:31 AM XD Verushka Loomba10:36 AM What Binaisha Baruah10:38 AM Sorry i had sent it by mistake it had got coppied. Shaurya Bhasin10:38 AM Ok Shaivee Bhoir10:40 AM good morning ma'am Binaisha Baruah10:40 AM Good morning maam Tarini Jayashankar10:41 AM Good morning ma'am. Thea Kothari10:41 AM good morning ma'am Shaurya Bhasin10:41 AM Good morning ma'am Dhruti Shah10:41 AM Good Morning Ma'am Krisha Jobanputra10:41 AM Good morning ma'am You10:41 AM GOOD MORNING MA'AM ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:46 AM GOOD MORNING SIR ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:48 AM OK SIR Preet Khosla10:48 AM Ok sir Verushka Loomba10:48 AM Ok sir Reet ridhan nandrajog10:48 AM yes sir Binaisha Baruah10:49 AM okay sir 36 Verushka Loomba10:49 AM Page no. 36 Preet Khosla10:49 AM Pg no 36 You10:49 AM PG NO 36 Naisha Bahri10:49 AM Its computer now right Preet Khosla10:49 AM Yes Shaurya Bhasin10:49 AM Yes sir ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:49 AM YES SIR Preet Khosla10:49 AM Yes sir Krisha Jobanputra10:49 AM Yes sir ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:49 AM SIR YOUR VOICE IS VERY CLEAR Prachi Pooj10:49 AM yes sir Binaisha Baruah10:50 AM yes sir yes sir Aakash dhirwani10:50 AM yes sir Binaisha Baruah10:55 AM 2. How to create a table ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:55 AM 1.WHAT IS A TABLE 2. HOW TO CREATE A TABLE Shaurya Bhasin10:57 AM Yes sir Binaisha Baruah10:58 AM sir will you practically show us also what you are explaining? ok thank you sir :) Verushka Loomba10:59 AM Ok sir Preet Khosla10:59 AM Ok sir Shaurya Bhasin10:59 AM Ok sir Reet ridhan nandrajog10:59 AM Ok sir Yuvna Lamba10:59 AM Ok sir Shaurya Bhasin10:59 AM Thank you Aahaan Karia10:59 AM Ok sir You10:59 AM OK SIR ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL10:59 AM OK SIR THANK YOU SIR Kaavya Alex10:59 AM Ok sir Prachi Pooj11:00 AM yes sir Shaivee Bhoir11:01 AM 3. How to enter a text in a table sorry by mistake Hitaarth Damani11:02 AM Are theese questions there in the text book ?????? ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:02 AM 3. HOW TO ENTER A TEXT IN A TABLE Shaivee Bhoir11:02 AM yes\ Shaurya Bhasin11:04 AM Ya Hitaarth ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:05 AM SO SIR WILL IT COME AS ONE WORD Shaivee Bhoir11:06 AM 4. how to move and resize a table. ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:06 AM 4. HOW TO MOVE AND RESIZE A TABLE You11:06 AM Q4 HOW TO MOVE AND RESIZE THE TABLE Verushka Loomba11:06 AM Q4 how to move and resize a table Shaurya Bhasin11:06 AM Ya Verushka Loomba11:07 AM Welcome yuvna You11:09 AM ANSWER FROM FIRST LINE TILL TABLE RESIZE Shaurya Bhasin11:09 AM Thanks darsh You11:09 AM TECH HELP LEARN FOR THE EXAM Shaivee Bhoir11:10 AM 5. how to convert text to table. Preet Khosla11:10 AM Q5 How to convert text to a table? ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:10 AM 5. HOW TO CONVERT TEXT TO TABLE You11:10 AM Q5 HOW TO CONVERT TEXT TO TABLE Verushka Loomba11:10 AM Q5 how to convert Text to table Write all the five steps You11:11 AM ANWER ALL FIVE STEPS ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:11 AM 6.ALL 5 STEPS NOT DIAGRAM Tarini Jayashankar11:11 AM Ans. All 5 steps Shaurya Bhasin11:11 AM How to convert text to table You11:11 AM NO DIAGRAM ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:11 AM SORRY NOT 6TH ITS ANSWER NOT 6TH Shaurya Bhasin11:11 AM All 5 steps ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:12 AM YES SIR Verushka Loomba11:15 AM Ok sir Tarini Jayashankar11:20 AM Sorry sir I could not hear answer 9 can someone please tell me. Preet Khosla11:21 AM How to delete row/column ? Tarini Jayashankar11:21 AM Till where ? Both the steps ? Verushka Loomba11:21 AM Yes Preet Khosla11:21 AM Full Tarini Jayashankar11:21 AM Thank you. Verushka Loomba11:22 AM Yes full Preet Khosla11:22 AM Welcome Naisha Bahri11:24 AM What is the 10th and 11th question Verushka Loomba11:24 AM Ok sir Tarini Jayashankar11:25 AM 10.How to merge cells. Shaurya Bhasin11:25 AM Ok sir Verushka Loomba11:25 AM 11 how to split cells Tarini Jayashankar11:25 AM to split cells. Naisha Bahri11:25 AM Thanks Verushka Loomba11:25 AM The full answer of the 11th one fiyoni dattani11:27 AM 13 Verushka Loomba11:27 AM All 13 questions We have written ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:28 AM THANK YOU SIR BYE SIR THANK FOR TEACHING COMPUTER SIR Kaavya Alex11:28 AM BYE SIR THANK YOU SIR Krisha Jobanputra11:28 AM Thank you sir Reet ridhan nandrajog11:28 AM Bye sir Thankyou sir fiyoni dattani11:28 AM Bye sir thank u sir Shaurya Bhasin11:28 AM Bye sir Kaavya Alex11:29 AM Good morning ma'am Shaurya Bhasin11:29 AM Good morning ma'am Krisha Jobanputra11:29 AM Good morning ma'am Preet Khosla11:29 AM Good morning ma’am Reet ridhan nandrajog11:29 AM Good morning maam Aahaan Karia11:29 AM Good morning ma’am You11:29 AM GOOOD MORNING MA'AM Binaisha Baruah11:29 AM Good morning ma'am Shaurya Bhasin11:29 AM Good morning ma'am You11:32 AM WHEN YOU WILL TAKE TRUCE IN THE FOREST TEST Shaurya Bhasin11:32 AM Ya Preet Khosla11:32 AM Yes ma’am You11:32 AM OK MA'AM Aahaan Karia11:33 AM Yes ma’am ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:33 AM MAAM WHAT ABOUT TRUCE IN THE FOREST TEST ? OK MAAM ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:34 AM MONDAY IS AFFIRMITIVE TO NEGATIVE AND NEGATIVE TO AFFIRMITIVE TEST Binaisha Baruah11:34 AM Yes ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:34 AM THROUGH GOOGLE FORMS Tarini Jayashankar11:34 AM Yes. Shaurya Bhasin11:34 AM YA Krisha Jobanputra11:35 AM Yes Preet Khosla11:35 AM Ok ma’am Aahaan Karia11:36 AM Yes ma’am Yohansh Shah11:36 AM Ok ma’am Binaisha Baruah11:36 AM Okay maam Dhruvik N. Trivedi11:37 AM Ma'am 1sec Dhruvik N. Trivedi11:38 AM Sorry maam Verushka Loomba11:39 AM Ma’am after Hridhaan can I answer Naisha Bahri11:40 AM maam can i answer ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:40 AM MAAM HRIDHAAN IS READING THE 6TH OF E EXERCISE NOT D EXERCISE MAAM Verushka Loomba11:42 AM Ma’am can I answer Binaisha Baruah11:43 AM Maam can I answer next ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:43 AM MAAM CAN I ANSWER Preet Khosla11:43 AM Ma’am can I answer Binaisha Baruah11:43 AM Maam can I answer Preet Khosla11:43 AM Ma’am done Shaurya Bhasin11:43 AM Maam done You11:44 AM MA'AM DONE YOU HAVE TO DO EXERCISE E IN PG NO 31 Naisha Bahri11:45 AM done maam Piyansh Gohel11:45 AM Ma’am done ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:45 AM MAAM CAN I ANSWER MAAM YES MAAM Piyansh Gohel11:46 AM Done Prachi Pooj11:46 AM DONE fiyoni dattani11:46 AM Done Shaurya Bhasin11:47 AM Ya ma'am ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:47 AM MAAM CAN I PLEASE ANSWER MAAM Preet Khosla11:47 AM Maam can I answer? Daksh Kumar11:48 AM done ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:48 AM MAAM Can i answeer You11:48 AM MA'AM F EXERCISE ALSO DONE ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:48 AM sorry ANSWER Binaisha Baruah11:49 AM Maam can I answer Hitaarth Damani11:49 AM Ma'am even I have not answered... Preet Khosla11:49 AM Maam can I answer Yuvna Lamba11:49 AM Ma’am can I say Hitaarth Damani11:50 AM Ma'am I am pending... ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL11:50 AM MAAM CAN I ANSWER Binaisha Baruah11:52 AM Maam can I answer next ? Shaurya Bhasin11:52 AM Maam can I answer Aahaan Karia11:53 AM Ma’am done Dhruvik N. Trivedi11:54 AM Ma'am can I answer the f one Binaisha Baruah11:55 AM Maam can I answer next ? Hitaarth Damani11:55 AM Why, it is very simple??? Preet Khosla11:55 AM Ma’am can I answer next? Dhruvik N. Trivedi11:55 AM Ma'am can i You11:56 AM MA'AM CAN I Preet Khosla11:56 AM Ma’am can I answer next? hridhaan shah11:56 AM maam can i answer ?? Dhruvik N. Trivedi11:57 AM Ma'am can i Shaurya Bhasin11:57 AM Maam can you I Reet ridhan nandrajog11:57 AM maam can i answer the next one ? Prachi Pooj11:58 AM MAAM CAN I ? Kaavya Alex11:58 AM Can I type the answer in the chat Aakash dhirwani11:58 AM mam can i answer the next one Preet Khosla11:58 AM Ok ma’am Yohansh Shah11:58 AM maam your voice is breaking Hitaarth Damani12:17 PM Hey, there are only 40 students.. 41 Piyansh Gohel12:17 PM Ya Nishita Khatwani12:17 PM 42 Kaavya Alex12:17 PM Good afternoon sir Reet ridhan nandrajog12:18 PM Good afternoon sir Naisha Bahri12:18 PM good afternoon sir ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL12:18 PM ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL Binaisha Baruah12:18 PM Binaisha ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL12:19 PM AWSOME AS I WANNA BE BY RAINBOW DASH EQUISTRIA GIRLS Dhruvik N. Trivedi12:19 PM There are two me Naman Nagdev12:19 PM Naman Waves Tvisha Kotekar12:20 PM tvisha - radio gaga by queen ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL12:21 PM THAN YOU SIR Tarini Jayashankar12:21 PM Tarini - Try everything. Trisha Mhatre12:23 PM Trisha -roar You12:23 PM DARSH NARANG - YARA TERI YARI KO Chinmay Chavan12:25 PM Chinmay-Offering Tvisha Kotekar12:26 PM tvisha - radio gaga by queen Piyansh Gohel12:26 PM Piyansh -scatman You12:29 PM DONE SIR ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL12:38 PM SUPER COOL SIR Naisha Bahri12:39 PM there are only 39 students Binaisha Baruah12:39 PM Sir can I sing an english song ? Aahaan Karia12:42 PM Ya only 39 Binaisha Baruah12:42 PM Yes sir Tarini Jayashankar12:42 PM Dhruvik. Aakash dhirwani12:42 PM there are 2 darsh Dhruvi Gupta6A12:42 PM Dhruvik , mokshil , dhruv Aahaan Karia12:42 PM Yaaa Dhruvi Gupta6A12:43 PM Hridhan Aahaan Karia12:43 PM 2 Darsh Hitaarth Damani12:43 PM Dhruv and mokshil are absent Dhruvi Gupta6A12:43 PM Ya Aahaan Karia12:43 PM Ya Tvisha Kotekar12:43 PM sir dhruv didn't come today so he won't be there Aahaan Karia12:43 PM Ya Shaurya Bhasin12:43 PM Ya Ekansh Agarwal12:44 PM even mokshil Aahaan Karia12:44 PM There are 2 Darsh Ekansh Agarwal12:44 PM was absent Aahaan Karia12:44 PM Ya Binaisha Baruah12:44 PM Lovely sir :) ARSHITHAA VENUGOPAL12:45 PM SIR IT WAS AWSOME Verushka Loomba12:46 PM Mahi has also left Binaisha Baruah12:47 PM Sir I finished Yohansh Shah12:47 PM Arshithaa left Binaisha Baruah12:47 PM Thank you sir :)
  460. Tim,
    Thank you. Worked great.
  461. Makai,
    Its blrurry but its good