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About the Webcam FPS Checker

The Webcam FPS Checker is a free test that allows you to find out the frame rate (also known as “frame frequency”) of your camera.

Please note that the results of this tool may be affected by various things, including your OS and browser. Therefore, consider these results for informational purposes only.

What is FPS

FPS (frames per second) is the unit to measure how fast frames are displayed. A “frame” is just one single image taken at a certain point in time, while a sequence of frames composes a video or an animation. Summarizing, FPS indicates how many images per second are displayed when we are watching a video or an animation.

To understand how this may affect motion perception, imagine that your camera is recording video at a speed of 1 FPS: the video will look like a slideshow that displays one image per second. Recordings at a speed of 10 FPS: the video will most likely look like jerky or freezing motion. At 20 FPS, the video will play almost smoothly, although in order to catch fast movements, the camera must record at higher frame rates.

For example, during a video call or live streaming, FPS is very important because we want to watch/transmit video in real time. That is, the lower the FPS, the more jerks and freezes. And vice versa, the higher the FPS, the better the video quality. Of course, in such cases FPS may depend not only on the quality of the camera, but also on the Internet speed or the system load.


If you like the Webcam FPS Checker or have any ideas and questions, do not hesitate to leave comments. Please note that all comments are publicly available.

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    1. Liverwort,
      Sounds like your Webcam and/or Software is detecting motion. If there is nothing (significantly) different between frames, no new frame is sent, thus you have lower frame rates when no-one is moving in front of the camera...
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    1. Administrator,
      This may be the first frame that your device did not have time to process. A single dropped frame is not a problem at all and you should only worry if the "Dropped Frames" value grows along with the "Decoded Frames" value.
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