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This webcam recorder is a web application that captures video and audio directly from your browser. It does not transmit or save any records. It stores records only in your browser’s memory and this is why they are automatically deleted when you close this web page. That is, if you did not save your video records and close the current tab, you will lose all records irrevocably.

In short: you and only you can view or download recorded videos. Therefore, if you plan to record some sensitive things, you should only care about where you will store the video files and make sure that there are no spyware on your device.

About the cam recorder

The Webcam Recorder is an online video recorder app that allows you to capture video from your camera and save it as a video file. Of course, if you have a microphone, you can also record your voice or ambient sound.

This simple and free cam recorder does not require any additional software. It supports any cameras connected to PC, laptop, mobile, or any device that have a modern browser. It doesn’t matter the connection type of your camera (for example, it can be integrated, wireless, or connected via USB).


  • Like any background video recorder, this web application can record audio and video in the background, so you can switch to another tab or minimize your browser.
  • You can manually specify the bitrate for video and audio recording, thereby having the ability to control the quality and size of your recordings.
  • This recorder provides an option to record video at the best resolution of your camera, so it really is a “free HD webcam recorder” and “online HD video recorder”.
  • There are several file formats and codecs for recording and downloading your videos. However, some browsers only support a limited list of formats.
  • During recording, you can create video snapshots, start new recordings, download and remove recorded videos, or switch to fullscreen (recording will continue in the background).
  • You have the ability to create muted video or record sounded video (for this you need a microphone or any input sound source).


If you like the Webcam Recorder or have any ideas and questions, do not hesitate to leave comments. Please note that all comments are publicly available.

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  1. angeebiggles,
    yeah brilliant now i jys have to get this piece of shit usb camera to actually work on facebook!!!
    1. Jeph,
      Did it end up working on Facebook? Please let me know, the suspense is killing me.
      1. 5 sssss4,
        A web camera was detected. Press “Start recording” to start the webcam video recorder.
      2. Aaron Judge,
        Yes it did
        1. nyasha,
          it works great
        2. Natalia,
          This is the best web cam ever that i had in my life . Good job to you guys
          1. leah and malaysia ,
            i feel you thank you
        3. Aaron Judge,
          Oh hey past me!
      3. Pratyush singh,
        Yeah, it is on facebook
      4. leah and malaysia,
        thanke you
    2. breya,
      I do not like that comments
    3. Rianna,
      This is a good place to do my makeup
      1. dummie,
        yes you are right!!!!!!!!
      2. Hi,
        omg yes it is and its also good to test your camera and mic for live streams on youtube
      3. somegirly,
        omg ya it is I just did my makeup here it great XD
      4. Paige,
        OMG, u could never b more correct. It is good 2 record and upload videos for youtube. I am so excited 2 use it again. It can't do background features but that is O K
      5. Diane,
        OMG never be more correct! WOW, youtube also. it is perfect for filming on youtube. Also makeup.
    4. dummie,
      Smile! You’re being filmed by your camera.
    5. sierwruerifjieerproieopfjkerpitgpioer,
      If you like the Webcam Recorder or have any ideas and questions, do not hesitate to leave comments. Please note that all comments are publicly available.
    6. php,
      I am happy to nice to meet you. you? ha ha
    7. lilly miller,
      wow i am happy
    8. Pratyush singh,
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    9. muhid,
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    10. Among player,
      the splendid idea to record things on my table for my Yt vids
  2. CynthiaE,
    Webcam Test
  3. yova06,
    excelente aplicación, me fue muy útil
  4. joei,
    I give this a 3 out of 10 because I made like 5 or 6 videos and its not leting me see my videos
    1. Rebekah Bruce,
      u suposed 2 watch them 1 at a time dumbo
    2. Aaron Judge,
      Press the Play Button.
  5. Marc Prime,
    Really useful and simple to use page. Been searching for something like this for ages!!!
    1. Rebekah Bruce,
      same here school vid i need 2 do
  6. Areg ,
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  13. Alan,
    Hi, thanks for the pages & generally very useful. I would have given a rating of "excellent" except that when I download webcam recordings they cannot be played back. I've tried aeveral video file formats and players, none work. If I'm doing something wrong/ stupid and can sort this out will happily improve the rating.
    1. Victoria,
      Please, tell me which operating system you have installed? For example, Windows 10 does not support webm format.
      1. madalynn,
        sorry I cant answer that question right now.
  14. madalynn,
    this camera is prety good
  15. Emma,
    this is a great app and it really helps me with my youtube channel.
  16. Lawrence,
    Great! Thanks - I bought this old computer used and an still not find a way to access/ turn on the damn camera. Any ideas? It is called the Lenova Easy Cam - but will not open when I find it in programs.
    1. Maddie,
      You can download this app then add it onto the program your using then right after that just do whatever with the cam
  17. madlynn,
    I really like this camera.
  18. Madalynn ,
    I love this camera
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    I am happy to my return to my webcam again. THANK YOU
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  44. soy sauce,
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  45. Sudipto Chattopadhyay,
    How do I record a video with sound?
    1. Administrator,
      Just turn on the "Record audio" option before pressing the "Start recording" button.
    2. MD5,
      do you know how to programming easily?I am a programmer,& I very like html,css,js . what do you like?
    3. bjh,
      thats a good q
  46. Damian Camp,
    Because it is so horribly organized.
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    this is the first website 2 where i can take pictures & videos!
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    you are crazy
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    fantastic, i like the page verymuch
    1. Rebekah Bruce,
      same here i just need 2 figure out how 2 get it downloaded into my google drive!
  50. Rebekah Bruce,
    How do i download this into my google drive?
    1. Administrator,
      Download the recorded video on your device, then upload it to your Google Drive.
  51. Tareq,
    NICE but sometimes the pictures becomes orelse its good
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    Won't recognise the inbuilt microphone on ASHU HD 1080P webcam, so records without sound. Mic works OK on VLC media player.
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    it is nice i would have appreciate if they added a pause button for the camera
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  92. dummie,
    If you like the Webcam Recorder or have any ideas and questions, do not hesitate to leave comments. Please note that all comments are publicly available.
  93. PS,
    Can be better lookwise and neater, but it is good.
  94. Shivansh Gujjar,
    It's a very excellent and very helpful At the beginning my webcam was also not working but then i change a setting if your's too isn't working then there is an option above the area where the picture is shown, there might be written usb or something else then choose your webcam from the drop down menu and it might probably work :)
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  97. 5 sssss4,
    This simple and free cam recorder does not require any additional software. It supports any cameras connected to PC, laptop, mobile, or any device that have a modern browser. It doesn’t matter the connection type of your camera (for example, it can be integrated, wireless, or connected via USB).
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    Like any background video recorder, this web application can record audio and video in the background, so you can switch to another tab or minimize your browser.
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    1. Victoria,
      Hello! I understand your concerns, so let me point out that this app does not run your camera without your consent. Moreover, even when you grant access to your camera this app doesn't store and doesn't share your videos or pictures.
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    Easy to use & "Test Video" playback worked great. My only suggestion would be to add "webm = DEFAULT" tag to the drop-down "Video file format" menu, since all the other choices look confusing.
    1. Administrator,
      Hello Dennis! I added the "default" suffix and it looks better now. Thank you very much or your idea!
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