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  • Detecting your media devices. Please wait...
  • Waiting for your permission...
  • Starting your webcam. Please wait...
  • Detecting the maximum supported resolution. Please wait...
  • For more information visit the following pages:
  • Changing the camera will reset the current process. Do you want to continue?
  • An unexpected error occurred. Reload the page and try again.
  • Could not find any media devices. It is very likely that your browser does not allow access to these devices. Try to reload this page or open it using another browser. Just remember that to start your webcam you need to allow our website to use it.
  • Could not find a web camera, however there are other media devices (like speakers or microphones). Most likely, this means that your webcam is not working properly or your browser cannot access it.
  • Your browser does not support features for accessing media devices. Please upgrade your browser or install another one.
  • You did not allow the browser to use the web camera. Reload the page and try again.
  • Apparently, your webcam is being used or blocked by another application. To start your webcam, you must temporarily close that application.
  • It looks like your browser is blocking access to webcam identifiers. Because of this, it’s impossible to detect and manage all available webcams.
  • Waiting time for your permission has expired. Reload the page and try again.
  • Cannot stream video. The cause may be a defective camera or that it is currently being used by another application.
  • The video track is paused.
  • Cannot detect any active stream of media content.
  • Your webcam does not output any video tracks.
  • Your browser does not support features for accessing video tracks.
  • Video track not available due to technical issue.
  • Your webcam suddenly stopped transmitting video track.
  • For unknown reasons, the video track is disabled.
  • Click here to allow access to webcam identifiers
  • Click here to try forcibly start the camera
  • Detecting if your webcam supports resolution: {{resolution}}
  • A web camera was detected. Press “Check webcam resolution” to find out information about the resolutions supported by your camera.
  • Several web cameras were detected. To find out information about the resolutions supported by your camera, select it from the drop-down list below and press “Check webcam resolution”.
  • Your webcam named “{{name}}” is supposed to be a {{mp}} megapixel camera.
  • As default camera resolution, your browser uses {{primary.html}} ({{}}MP).
  • The maximum supported resolution of your camera is {{max.html}} ({{}}MP).
  • The minimum supported resolution of your camera is {{min.html}} ({{}}MP).
  • The testing detected that your camera supports {{total}} different resolutions. Please refer to the table below to see the list of all supported resolutions.
  • If you want to increase default resolution, [[click here]].
  • Your browser does not support changing the resolution of the video track.
  • Your browser is downscaling the webcam output. Because of this, it is impossible to determine all resolutions that are natively supported by your camera.
  • Your browser is not able to set up the output of the camera to the specified resolution.

Standard Width × Height Megapixels Status
QQVGA 160×120 0.019 Unknown
QCIF 176×144 0.025 Unknown
QCIF 192×144 0.028 Unknown
HQVGA 240×160 0.038 Unknown
QVGA 320×240 0.077 Unknown
Video CD NTSC 352×240 0.084 Unknown
Video CD PAL 352×288 0.101 Unknown
xCIF 384×288 0.111 Unknown
360p 480×360 0.173 Unknown
nHD 640×360 0.230 Unknown
VGA 640×480 0.307 Unknown
SD 704×480 0.338 Unknown
DVD NTSC 720×480 0.346 Unknown
WGA 800×480 0.384 Unknown
SVGA 800×600 0.480 Unknown
DVCPRO HD 960×720 0.691 Unknown
XGA 1024×768 0.786 Unknown
HD 1280×720 0.922 Unknown
WXGA 1280×800 1.024 Unknown
SXGA− 1280×960 1.229 Unknown
SXGA 1280×1024 1.311 Unknown
UXGA 1600×1200 1.920 Unknown
FHD 1920×1080 2.074 Unknown
QXGA 2048×1536 3.146 Unknown
QSXGA 2560×2048 5.243 Unknown
QUXGA 3200×2400 7.680 Unknown
DCI 4K 4096×2160 8.847 Unknown
HXGA 4096×3072 12.583 Unknown
UW5K 5120×2160 11.059 Unknown
5K 5120×2880 14.746 Unknown
WHXGA 5120×3200 16.384 Unknown
HSXGA 5120×4096 20.972 Unknown
WHSXGA 6400×4096 26.214 Unknown
HUXGA 6400×4800 30.720 Unknown
8K UHD 7680×4320 33.178 Unknown
WHUXGA 7680×4800 36.864 Unknown
UW10K 10240×4320 44.237 Unknown

About the resolution test

The Webcam Resolution Test is a simple and free method to check online, what is the resolution of your webcam. As a result of testing, you will get the complete list of resolutions supported by your camera, as well as some tips, such as maximum resolution, minimum resolution and default resolution.

A nice feature of the resolution test is the possibility to take photos for each supported resolution, thereby you will be able to download them and compare their quality.

By default, it is checked whether your camera supports popular resolution standards. It's fast, but it may not be accurate enough. If you do not want to miss any supported resolutions, enable the brute-force method.

What is the camera resolution

The camera resolution determines the width and height of the captured image. Multiplying these values indicates the total number of pixels (abbreviated as “px”). One million pixels are equal to one megapixel which is abbreviated as MP (sometimes as Mpix, Mpx, or MPixel). Megapixels are often used as a measure of camera quality when the manufacturer indicates the maximum supported value. For example, a FHD webcam has a resolution of 1920×1080 and it can capture up to 2073600 pixels or 2.0736 megapixels, rounded off as 2MP.

Camera resolution and its quality

Even if the resolution is an important property of the camera, this does not mean that the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. By and large, a higher resolution usually provides more accurate details and good sharpness. For example, images taken with a higher resolution camera are better when printing large formats, viewing on big screens, or capturing small objects. But even if you do not need all this, Full HD is definitely much better than VGA.


If you like the Webcam Resolution Test or have any ideas and questions, do not hesitate to leave comments. Please note that all comments are publicly available.


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