Webcam Test

Review #2869

Webcam: samsung laptop
Rating: Excellent (5 out of 5)

Advantages of the webcam:
Being able to activate and use my paid purchase. Im so happy. I can't wait./plus connect to live person to person video calls/home job and home school/mjk/for legal name. Connect to travel devices for all the time contact. Being able to join the webworld.

Disadvantages of the webcam:
Not knowing how to us as pop up chat sight.mjk

Webcam Information

Webcam Name: 720p HD Camera
Type of Webcam: Integrated
Quality Rank: #300
Quality Rating: 616
Built-in Microphone:
Built-in Speaker:
Frame rate: 15 FPS
Stream Type: Video
Image Mode: RGB Color
Webcam MegaPixels: 0.92 MP
Webcam Resolution: 1280×720
Video Standard: HD
Aspect Ratio: 1.78
PNG File Size: 674.13 KB
JPEG File Size: 353.64 KB
Bitrate: 5.18 MB/s
Number of Colors: 9365
Average RGB Color:
Lightness: 10.98%
Luminosity: 7.84%
Brightness: 9.02%
Saturation: 71.43%

Device Information

Device Name 500C
Device Type Laptop
Operating System Chrome OS
Browser Chrome
Screen Resolution 1366×768
Color Depth 24-bit
Screen Orientation landscape-primary