Webcam Test

Review #2904

Webcam: ProHT 300k Pixel w/ Microphone
Rating: Poor (2 out of 5)

Advantages of the webcam:
It's cheap.

Disadvantages of the webcam:
Crap framerate, low resolution, just not very good.

Author’s comment:
I don't need anything nicer than this, so I'm content to get the cheapest webcam the universe has ever seen. If you care the slightest bit about picture quality, don't bother with this one.

Webcam Information

Webcam Name: USB2.0 PC CAMERA
Type of Webcam: USB
Quality Rank: #818
Quality Rating: 66
Built-in Microphone:
Built-in Speaker:
Frame rate: 8 FPS
Stream Type: Video
Image Mode: RGB Color
Webcam MegaPixels: 0.31 MP
Webcam Resolution: 640×480
Video Standard: VGA
Aspect Ratio: 1.33
PNG File Size: 415.02 KB
JPEG File Size: 246.85 KB
Bitrate: 1.93 MB/s
Number of Colors: 10204
Average RGB Color:
Lightness: 9.41%
Luminosity: 9.4%
Brightness: 9.28%
Hue: 24°
Saturation: 20.83%

Device Information

Device Name Dell Optiplex 190
Device Type Desktop
Operating System Windows 7
Browser Firefox 62.0
Screen Resolution 1344×840
Color Depth 24-bit
Screen Orientation landscape-primary