Webcam Test

Review #3119

Webcam: camera 1, facing front
Rating: Good (4 out of 5)

Advantages of the webcam:
* It helps for personal realtionship. * It helps for Education and training. * Cost saving during interview. * Both sound and video is used, making the communication more sophisticated.

Disadvantages of the webcam:
* Dropped calls. * Webcams have created a more sexually oriented internet that has made it dangerous for children to freely search the web. * Hackers can enable webcams even when the owner is not aware Can be used to film . * Discourages people to interact face-to-face.

Webcam Information

Webcam Name: camera 1, facing front
Type of Webcam: Integrated
Quality Rank: #393
Quality Rating: 481
Built-in Microphone:
Built-in Speaker:
Frame rate: 16 FPS
Stream Type: Video
Image Mode: RGB Color
Webcam MegaPixels: 1.56 MP
Webcam Resolution: 1080×1440
Video Standard: ???
Aspect Ratio: 0.75
PNG File Size: 2.16 MB
JPEG File Size: 1.19 MB
Bitrate: 19.1 MB/s
Number of Colors: 37582
Average RGB Color:
Lightness: 47.84%
Luminosity: 47.83%
Brightness: 47.58%
Hue: 24°
Saturation: 8.2%

Device Information

Device Name Real me 2
Device Type Smartphone
Operating System Android
Browser Chrome
Screen Resolution 360×760
Color Depth 24-bit
Screen Orientation portrait-primary