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Internet Explorer does not support MediaDevices interface

Before the first releases of Windows 10, Microsoft announced that on the new operating system Internet Explorer will be replaced by Edge. This meant that the browser with such a great history ceases its development. According to official information, it will continue to receive security updates, but new features will not be added to it.

One of the unsupported features is the MediaDevices interface, which allows modern browsers to access multimedia devices connected to the computer, tablet, or smartphone. But as developers have stopped developing Internet Explorer before implementing the MediaDevices interface, we cannot use this browser to access cameras or microphones.


In fairness, for this browser you can use some obsolete technology to access media devices, but like most web developers we do not like the stagnation of progress, nor the bypassing of web standards. Since all the tests on this website use the MediaDevices interface, you can not run them in Internet Explorer or other older browsers that do not support this interface.


To run webcam tests on this website, use the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox


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